It's not often that individuals choose Ghana as a must-see destination when planning a holiday. In actuality, this African country offers a plethora of cool and amazing experiences. One had no idea what to anticipate when you’re leaving' because I assure you didn't know anyone who had ever gone there. The nice people, interesting delicacies, and culturally engaging experiences, helped me fall in love with the country. Here are the top ten reasons why you should add Ghana, Africa, to your bucket list to give you a better understanding of what I'm talking about.

1.     The Peaceful Country

Ghana is maybe the only African country with a lengthy history of stable democracy and a thriving economy. Therefore, the area is a safe all-weather travel destination. Crime rates are low, there is no insurgency, and the country is extremely welcoming to tourists. Even during elections, there is a sense of calmness in the country!

2.     Rich History

In Ghana, there are numerous fascinating museums and historical sites to explore. If you want to make this the focal point of your journey, it is proposed to make a stop in Cape Coast. Cape Coast Castle & Elmina Castle, two castle museums that were stops on the trans-Atlantic slave trade, are located here. While it may be difficult to stomach, a tour of these castles will teach you about history as you are shown dungeons, slave vessels, old cannons, and secret chambers while hearing stories from the past. There are also various forts, such as Fort William and Fort Victoria, which were utilized as lookout posts in the nineteenth century to protect the city against Ashanti raids.

Locals in Ghana can be found dancing to drum beats and listening to cheerful music wherever you go. Even as you walk down the street in Accra's capital, you will feel as though the sound of the Djembe drum is the soundtrack to your life. 

3.     Amazing Tourists Sites – Forts, Castles, and Matchless Mud Mosques

North Ghana is famous for its centuries-old white mud mosques constructed in the West Sudanese style. The Larabanga Mosque, a charming large rectangular edifice with whitewashed mud walls and spiked timber supports, is a must-see. Other popular locations are Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle, Christianborg Castle, and Kumasi Fort, all of which are rich in history, particularly slave history.

Ghana's museums and galleries are vivid reminders of the country's history. Every tourist should visit the National Museum of Ghana in Accra, the Cape Coast Castle Museum and Elmina Castle Museum in Cape Coast, the Volta Regional Museum in Ho, and the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Museum in Nkroful to get a sense of Ghana.

4.     Budget Friendly

It's always wonderful to save money, notably on an international trip, no matter what your financial condition is. Although in Ghana, nothing is ever free – even you have to pay to use a Porta-Potty. You will almost always pay less than you would at home for the identical items. A trip on the local bus (tro-tro), for example, will cost under a dollar, an ice cream pop, about 35 cents, and a hostel bed, about $6. In the Volta Region, I actually shared a nice and pleasant hotel room with two friends for only $10 per night.

5.     Friendly locals

Ghanaians are definitely the kindest people you'll ever encounter. The locals want to chat to you regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you are doing. Locals would stop their automobiles or turn from their market stalls to chat to you even at 6:00 a.m. (If you're a jogging person). Remember that greetings are very essential in Ghana. Locals usually greet outsiders with a wave, so be courteous and reciprocate. As a guest, you will be frequently yelled at with the word "Obroni" (foreigner). While this may appear to be offensive – it took some getting accustomed to - the locals are only wanting to get to know you.

6.     Natural Experiences

Despite the fact that Ghana is not a safari destination, there are several possibilities to enjoy nature and wildlife. Along with the many beaches and parks throughout the country, Cape Coast gives the opportunity to walk across a swinging canopy bridge hung high above the trees of Kakum National Park. At Hans Cottage Botel, there is also a crocodile pond where you can pet and sit on crocodiles.


7.     Serene Beaches

Ghana has some wonderful beaches, and along with relaxing in the sun, there are generally local artists, fishermen, and drummers adding a cultural flavour to the usually lethargic experience. You'll enjoy conversing with the artisans as they crafted jewellery and art, as well as hearing to the fishermen sing as they hauled in their nets. Even when these fascinating residents aren't present, Ghana's beaches provide a pleasant and exquisite respite from the more turbulent streets of the cities.

8.     Food Scene

While you will always find ethnic cuisine when travelling to a different nation, there is frequently an overlap of ingredients between those and the foods you are used to at home. However, there are several cuisines in Ghana that will be new to you, such as the root-based dishes fu-fu, banku, and kenkey. Furthermore, many of their soups have a thick and spicy peanut base, which you will quickly fell in love with. When it came to fruit, enamoured with the evo, a huge, spiky, melon-looking item with a fluffy, bubbly centre. It tastes sweet and sour, similar to Pop Rocks or Sour Patch Kids.

The La Casa Bar & Bistro, located at the La Casa Baatsona Apartments proudly serves a fusion of Ghanaian and International favourites. I would venture to say they have the best burgers on Spintex, with their hand-crafted burgers. They also serve popular cocktails with spirits and fresh ingredients to compliment your dining experience.

9.     Laid-back villages

There are many lively towns to see in Ghana, but there is usually always a laid-back hamlet nearby to relax to. These quieter places provided the best opportunities for me to interact with residents on a more personal level, which was beneficial for learning about the culture. My favourite laid-back area in Ghana was Kokrobite, which was about 45 minutes outside of Accra via tro-tro. Big Milly's Backyard, a beachside backpacker hotel featuring tiki-style lodgings, art fairs, live music, wonderful food, and reggae festivals, attracts both locals and tourists.


10.  Handicrafts & Arts

Beads, ceramics, woven garments, and woodcarvings are all very prominent in Ghanaian culture and may be seen everywhere. While looking through the paintings, you'll undoubtedly notice some symbols and images that appear repeatedly. You'll learn a lot about cultural ideas and attitudes through these pictures. There are also many carved masks and statues, each with its own specific meaning. If you're a girl looking for a one-of-a-kind keepsake, buy "Ghanian lingerie," which is a long, thin strand of beads tied around the hips.