The Top 10 Things To See & Do in Ghana

Ghana has ample experiences to fulfill the wanderlust of all ages, hobbies, and likes, from surfing and experiencing the great outdoors to visiting some of the country's historical landmarks. A trip to Ghana would be incomplete if you did not see or participate in the following top 10 attractions and activities.

1.     Go Surfing

Nowadays, surf culture has taken rapidly. Brett Davies, a former Rip Curl champion, helped to pioneer the movement. He began surfing African waves in the Ivory Coast and has since made his way to Ghana, first in Busua and now in Kokrobite. Because surfing has taken over many of the local youngsters' interests, he manages Mr. Bright's Surf School, which offers lessons seven days a week and organises surf camps at several beaches around the country with the best breaks.

2.     Take A Walk Through Jamestown

With the introduction of the Chale Wote Street Art Festival, the Accra Dot Alt, and the abundance of street art interweaving with old-colonial structures that make it a dynamic and diverse neighbourhood, this seaside hamlet of fishermen has become something of a cultural powerhouse in recent years. Visit the Lighthouse, walk down High Street to see Ussher Fort, and have lunch at Jamestown Café or a drink at Osikan, which is positioned high on the cliffs with views all the way down to Osu Castle.

3.     The Local Cuisine

Local cuisine is typically served at 'chop bars,' which are no-frills roadside structures where people can eat communally at low tables. While convenient, it may not be the comfiest atmosphere for trying new foods. There are several excellent restaurants nowadays where you can sample Ghanaian favourites like fufu (a plantain-cassava dumpling) or banku (fermented-corn dumpling) alongside delicious stews and simpler fare like jollof rice or plantain and beans. Buka, a popular lunch spot with its quirky décor and breezy patios, is located in the vibrant area of Osu; in Legon, travel to the appropriately called 'Chop Bar' for similar selections in a more sedate environment.

4.     Visit Cape Coast Castle

This formidable behemoth perched on the ocean's edge at Cape Coast in the Western Region was originally developed by Swedes for the lumber and gold trades, but it eventually became a slave fort for the Transatlantic traffic. Visit the preserved dungeons and holding rooms—though these can be difficult to stomach—as well as the door of no return: the last view of home for the unlucky victims who were abducted from the castle and hauled over the sea.

5.     The Kakum National Park

This tropical rainforest reserve in the Central Region has 375 square kilometres (about 144.8 square miles) of rich vegetation and animals. It is defined by a 350-meter-long (382.8-yard) canopy walkway, one of only two in Africa. There are numerous monkey species to observe, as well as endangered antelopes and numerous exotic birds such as the white breasted guinea fowl.

6.     Relish Local Drinks and Music at Republic Bar and Grill

A trip to Osu, a vibrant neighborhood replete with pubs, restaurants, and clubs, would be incomplete without a stop at Republic, a pub-style music establishment that draws enormous audiences for its regular Wednesday night live-music events, where the throng spills onto the streets and the drinks flow. Try the locally produced 'akpeteshie' drinks, which are created with strong in-house spirits like rum or gin and tropical flavors like coconut, hibiscus, and ginger. Flavored beers are also very popular.

7.     Checkout The Fabric

Ghanaian streetscapes are engulfed in the vivid and beautiful colours of the many textiles available throughout the country, which can subsequently be converted into a desired attractive & stylish outfit for a low price by a tailor or seamstress. The well-known woven Kente fabric, which was originally manufactured with orange thread (and can still be seen in production at Bonwire in Kumasi), is now available in a variety of colours and can also be printed on cotton. Northern-Gonja cloth is also woven, but it is layered in stripes rather than the criss-cross pattern of Kente.

8.     Visit Mole National Park

The northern section of the country is less visited by tourists, but Mole National Park is a key magnet for wildlife enthusiasts. It is the country's largest wildlife park, and it is home to many animals, including buffalo, elephants, and hippos, as well as rare sightings of cheetah and other predators that used to wander freely on the savanna.

9.     Experience Bliss Family Entertainment

Bliss family Entertainment is an activity center for wholesome fun for the entire family. Trampolines, bowling and wall climbing add to the fun. This vibrant and exciting place is a great place to visit when travelling with kids and also for group activities.

10.  Wli Waterfalls and Mount Afadjato

The country's Eastern Region shares a border with Togo and features some of the country's cleanest air and highest mountains. Access Wli Waterfalls in the Hohoe District via a tropical forest for the lower falls and a trek up the mountain for the top falls. The terrain is beautiful and tranquil, and the wildlife includes thousands of fruit bats, butterflies, birds, and monkeys.

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